Information about Kinesiology Schools

Kinesiologists study the impact of exercise and nutrition on the overall health of an individual. A growing awareness of health issues in the U.S. has made this a popular major for college students interested in health and exercise. It is important for students themselves to be in good health and involved in a regular exercise regimen in order to get the most out of a college course of study in health sciences.

What Kinesiology Schools can Offer

Students may find a number of areas of concentration from which to choose when considering their majors. At some point in their college careers, students will need to choose a focus area such as:

• Biomechanics: teaches students mechanical principles relating to human motion

• Exercise physiology: shows the impact of exercise on human respiratory and circulatory systems

• Nutrition: teaches students the role nutrients play in exercise and performance enhancement

• Motor development: shows students how exercise affects motor skills from infancy through adolescence

Top Schools for Kinesiology

When looking for a college with a good program for kinesiologists it is important to find one that has state-of-the-art exercise facilities and laboratories. Some of the colleges with the best programs in this field are:

• Pennsylvania State University in University Park

• Florida State University in Tallahassee

• Arizona State University located in Tempe

• University of Maryland in College Park

• Colorado State University in Fort Collins

• Rutgers University located in Camden and Newark

• University of Northern Colorado located in Greeley

• University of Utah in Salt Lake City

• University of Wisconsin La Crosse campus

• Michigan State University in East Lansing

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Online Schools

The growing national interest in health, exercise and nutrition has resulted in an increase in online courses and degrees in those areas. Some colleges that offer kinesiology degrees online are:

• Fresno Pacific University offers an online master’s degree for students who want to further their careers as kinesiologists. The last semester of the 17 month course is devoted to passing a comprehensive exam.

• The University of Texas offers an online master’s degree in kinesiology. Students in the program take advanced courses in ethics, physiology, exercise psychology and sports nutrition among others.

High School Preparation and Admittance Procedures

High school students wishing to pursue careers as kinesiologists may want to speak with school counselors about job shadowing so that they see firsthand what the job is like. They may also want to volunteer in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or fitness centers. Students should take advanced high school courses in biology, anatomy, psychology, health, physiology, trigonometry and calculus. Most colleges require a grade point average of 2.5 to 3.0 and a SAT score of 1600 to 1800. Community service work related to health or exercise is also important for admittance into a good college program.

With the increase in popularity of health and fitness in the last 2 decades, now may be a good time for students to consider studying to become kinesiologists. Colleges are expanding the types of courses they offer in the health sciences making this a dynamic field in which to pursue a college degree.

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